Green Kinemaster Pro Apk Download 2021 [v5.5.0][Fully Unlocked]

When you are looking for the best and top-rated video editing software, you can’t ignore the feasibility of the Kinemaster apk for PC and its versions. Green Kinemaster pro apk is the best of all when you are exploring the list of versions of this family of video editors. It is the fastest-growing software for Android and PC both due to multiple factors.

Green Kinemaster Pro Apk

If we say that Green Kinemaster is a full package for editors who are beginners and experts in the field, it is absolutely right. You will not find even a single tool that is unavailable in this video editing software. You can use its powerful, flexible, and advanced tools to edit your videos. Green Kinemaster pro has become the love for everyone who is looking to get professional video editing without any problem with a lightweight program.

In this blog, we will explore the list of features that you might understand to get an idea about why you need to download the Green Kinemaster pro apk from this platform.

Features in Green Kinemaster pro apk

Many people ask why Green Kinemaster is getting more popular than gold Kinemaster apk or any other. It has a wide collection of functions and tools that anyone can pick to make his videos perfect. It allows a user to edit a video professionally even from his mobile phone. We have the best and precise list of features to understand the validity of this software.  

Speed Adjustment

Kinemaster mod apk becomes a more important tool because of a speed controller. It is common to fetch some short clips from the internet and combine them properly for making a smooth video. In such a case, you need software that can adjust the speed of all the clips properly to make the entire video smooth and reliable.

In this modern era of TikTok, you might need to make a video having slow motion. A few mobiles have this feature as a built-in to record videos in such a manner. But if your mobile has no such feature, you can get the Kinemaster pro apk and accomplish this task.

Stylish Text editor in Green Kinemaster Pro Apk

When you are not editing your personal videos but for some organization, you need to add some stylish text just according to the requirements of the video content. Kinemaster prime mod apk is offering you a feature to deal with such problems.

In Green Kinemaster free download, you will get an extensive list of text styles that you can pick. You can now add text just according to the nature of the content in the video. It means that if you have to target teenagers in your video, you must pick stylish words written properly. Similarly, you can pick ordinary text styles from Green Kinemaster pro apk download and add them when you have to target the adults.

Background Soundtracks

Have you ever listened to and noticed a voice-over that has been done while editing? Some people record videos without any voice and then add sound in the background while editing a video with Kinemaster diamond mod apk. This process has become easier when you can do this with Kinemaster Green download.

It will allow you to add any soundtrack behind your video to make it perfect. This Kinemaster free download is offering an asset store to find your desired soundtrack. In this section, you will get some soundtracks for free but you might have to buy a subscription to access the other ones. Green Kinemaster pro apk has unlocked all those features to make them accessible for everyone without investing a single penny.

You can also record any voice or audio using its voice recorder and then add it behind the video. Due to this feature, it has become common to use Green screen video download for Kinemaster and use this tool for different purposes.

Smooth Transitions

When you are making a video from multiple images or short clips, you need to make the conversion among them smooth. If your software has not smooth transition effects like the Kinemaster Green download, you might be going to waste your time.

With this tool, you can add different transition effects to your video and make the conversion smooth. If you are using different clips for the same topic, it might be rare that the viewer will understand that you have used many clips instead of a single video.

One tap sharing

It is now compulsory to share your videos with your social networking website’s community to keep them engaged with your work. You can’t grow in the business of video editing if you have no connection with such a huge community. With Green Kinemaster pro apk, it will be easy for you to choose a social media networking site and directly share your work.

You just need to paste your account’s credentials to sign in to your account and access it through the Kinemaster mod apk.

Slow Motion

In this time of technology and social networking, it has become common to share what people demand to watch. Slow-motion videos are becoming popular in recent times and everyone loves to watch such videos.

Due to the high demand for this video type, all the latest mobile phones have a built-in feature to record slow-motion videos. What if your device does not allow you to record such video? You will not be able to get a video in this look with simple means.

Therefore, Green Kinemaster pro apk has a specific tool with which you can convert your fast video in slow motion. It will allow you to do editing in such a way that no one will be able to know that you have converted the video instead of direct capture.

Due to its high-quality filters and direct video recording feature, you can implement this function on your video directly while recording it. All in all, you will be able to make videos that people are demanding.

Crop Videos in Green kinemaster Pro Apk

Sometimes, you might have some additional and unnecessary objects in your video. While recording a social or public video, it is impossible to hold the audience and capture your video. You should need a tool that can remove all the excessive persons or objects from the video.

Green Kinemaster app download will enable you to do this task just by using the cropping tool. It will allow you to just get the part of the video that you feel is necessary. No doubt, it will not cut all the objects but you can remove maximum irregular stuff with this tool and just by clicking on your device screen.

In short, it has become an important and useful tool for editors who are working for some advertising or social experiment video agency.

Extra list of Green kinemaster Pro Apk features

In addition to the above features, Green Kinemaster has many other features in a free and unlocked version. Let’s have a look at that listing to get an idea about the feasibility of this video editor.

  • Watermark removed
  • All quality export
  • An extensive list of features and tools
  • Built-in frames
  • Refine audio clips
  • Add effects, stickers, and text

System requirements for Kinemaster Green download

There are no such requirements that your device must cover to download Green Kinemaster pro and run this software. But you must read the following table before Kinemaster free download to check whether you are going to get the best software or not.

App NameGreen Kinemaster pro apk
Size35 MBs Approx.
ModePremium unlocked
Android Requirements2.3 or later

How does the Green Kinemaster app download?

After evaluating your device, you should follow the upcoming link. You will get this set up on your device shortly because of its small size. To give permission, you must open the mobile settings and go to the app installation section.

Now, you need to hit the button available in front of the section named “Installation from unknown sources”. After clicking on this, you will not have to worry because the installation process will keep going and will be completed in a little bit.

Different Versions of Kinemaster apk

Many editors who are new in the field think that Green Kinemaster pro apk is the only version that will be helpful. Most of us only know about black kinemaster pro mod apk or blue kinemaster pro mod apk because these are few famous versions. But there are many other versions of Kinemaster that you must know in detail for better understanding with this editor.

Here is a list of editors that you will get in different versions of Kinemaster.

Kinemaster mod V3 apk

When you are looking for a Kinemaster mod apk, you can’t ignore the V3 version of this application. It is a lightweight version of this best video editing application. It is a reliable and smoothly working video editor without getting a look at the power of your device.

If you are looking for Kinemaster no watermark Chroma key apk, you should consider this V3 mod apk. It will be the best choice for you when you are looking for some proficient and high-level tools for editing videos.

Kinemaster pro apk

Another best version in our list of Kinemaster apk for PC, we have Kinemaster pro apk. You will get this software best for all kinds of editing because of its premium features unlocked properties. It means that this version will not display any logo on the video or any other part of your video.

All other premium sections like Chroma key in Kinemaster, asset store restriction, tools unavailability, and all others have been unlocked in this specific version of Kinemaster. Furthermore, you will get all those features for free in this Kinemaster app download for android as we have done this for you.

Kinemaster diamond mod apk

If you are looking for a lightweight video editing tool instead of a Kinemaster green screen, you should try the Kinemaster diamond mod apk. It is the best software that will not cover much space on your phone but enable you to enjoy smooth editing without any problem.

It has become the fastest-growing version of the Kinemaster mod apk because of its simple interface and comprehensive set of tools. You will get all premium features unlocked in this mod apk for free from our platform. Kinemaster diamond mod apk will enable you to edit a video more professionally as compared to all other versions available on the internet.

Kinemaster pro apk for PC

Many people think that the Kinemaster pro apk for Android is the only version but there is another Kinemaster pro apk for PC. It has become common to download a tool and edit videos on the bigger screen for getting a perfect look.

Kinemaster app download the new version for PC has become the need of the hour. The main reason behind this is the availability of all popular and latest tools to edit a video just according to the demands of the time. In addition to this, you will get a complete guide for the Kinemaster video editor download in the upcoming section.

You should read this guide for proper downloading and installation of Kinemaster video layer apk download on your PC with fully unlocked features.

How can I download Kinemaster on a PC or laptop?

When you are looking to download and install the Green Kinemaster pro apk for PC, you might have to face some issues like unsupported files or software. It happens a lot when you are unaware of the exact process. First of all, you should keep in mind that Kinemaster is not a Windows application but it is a mobile application.

Therefore, you need to do something extra for downloading and working with this tool on the bigger screen. An emulator is a specific tool that will assist you in running any software compatible with mobile on your laptop. It is a program that will bypass the system properties and enable you to do this task.

There is a wide collection of emulators like BlueStack that you can use for this task. It will be easy and simple for anyone to pick a reliable one and use it for using android apps. Keep in mind that you should pick an emulator that will be compatible with your device’s properties. If you are using the other one, your system’s performance will be affected badly.

After downloading an emulator, you have to come here and choose the file or version of Kinemaster. You only have to click the button available with the link under the section of every Kinemaster version to start the process. Now, it will not show any error like an incompatible setup file or any other.

You only have to make sure that you are skipping the step where you will be asked to sign in to your account. Abide by this, you only have to read and follow the guidelines shown by the system on your laptop’s screen.


Is Kinemaster apk for PC workable on Android too?

Green Kinemaster pro apk is compatible to run on almost every device. It is an android application but you can easily install this application and edit your videos even with your laptop or computer.

Can I add slow motion in my video with Green Kinemaster pro apk?

Yes, Green Kinemaster has a specific tool kit to complete this simple task to make your video just according to the requirements of this modern time. You can easily change the speed of your video and make it either slow or fast with simple clicks.

How can I get a black Kinemaster pro mod apk for free?

Any version of Kinemaster has some pro versions that are only available for free. From our platform, you can easily download and install any premium version of this software freely. Just come here and get an application with a fully unlocked version.


Green Kinemaster pro apk has made the process of video editing simple for everyone around the globe. A lot of experts and beginners are using this version of Kinemaster to edit videos properly with all the latest technology tools.

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