Kinemaster Diamond Mod Apk Download [v5.1.1.22266.GP] 4k Support

If you have been in the photography or editing field for a while, you must have listened to Kinemaster. The reason is that it is the best application that allows you to edit your videos or create new one professionally. It has multiple versions from which the Kinemaster Diamond mod apk is one of the best.

Kinemaster diamond mod apk

Kinemaster diamond is the best because of its amazing features like unique layout, attractive designs, and many others. It has many similar features to other versions of this application. But it has a vast list of features that are unavailable in almost every other version. In this article, we will discuss about Kinemaster diamond mod apk 2021.

Let’s have a look at the list of features that you will find in this video editor.

Why Kinemaster Diamond mod apk?

We all know that this video editing application has many versions like Kinemaster gold apk, Kinemaster pro apk, and few others. Then the question is why we have to choose the Kinemaster diamond apk download for our device.

The core factor that makes it perfect and best to choose is its feature list and proficiency. This editor is not only for users from a solo field but it has tools to edit videos for all fields. You can pick this tool to give your videos a professional look and make them attractive.

It has different frames and layouts for almost every task that comes in video editing. Whether you are a YouTuber or influencer, you should do a Kinemaster app download. It will enable you to edit all your videos professionally and make them just perfect for any video streaming platform.

In this way, you will get reliable outcomes with Kinemaster diamond and become a prominent personality in your field. It has slightly different features than Kinemaster pro that is also another reason for its popularity.

Before you download this video editing application, you should read the following section properly. With this, you will be able to know either you are going to get the right application or not.


Kinemaster diamond apk download has an extensive list of tools to assist every editor. Here we are going to show you some amazing features that will assist you in editing a video properly without any problem.

No Watermark

While editing a video with any free application, the most irritating factor is the watermark. When you get a watermark in the form of a logo in your video, much of its content will be hidden behind it. A lot of editors hate this feature as it will ruin their content’s integrity.

With Kinemaster diamond mod apk download, you will be able to extract your videos without any watermark. It means that no one will come to know which tool has you used and it will also give the entire view of your content.

All Premium Features Free

From our platform, you will get Kinemaster full unlocked apk. It means that all the premium features will be free for everyone. You will not have to face advertisement display in this version. It is right to say that your focus will remain within the editing process instead of watching ads and other stuff like this.

With this Kinemaster cracked apk, you will be able to enjoy all of its features without any hurdles. The only thing you have to do is to download and install your application using the same method that we will discuss in the upcoming sections.

Enables Chroma Key

Kinemaster diamond with Chroma key is the best for editing your videos. With this feature, you can change the entire look of your video and make it perfect according to your taste. Sometimes, a video will look more charming if its background has changed.

With Chroma key, you can do this task and add your desired background behind your video. This feature is unavailable in almost every other tool available for use freely. Kinemaster video editor will enable you to edit your videos professionally with this feature.

Social Share Enabled

In this time, it has become common to share every moment of life with people over social media. Many people feel it difficult to download a video after editing and upload it again on different platforms like Facebook and Instagram.

Also, it will take much time to complete this process. A user also has to use a lot of data in this process. With Kinemaster diamond mod apk, you will be able to share your video directly on any of these platforms.

You only have to enter your account credentials to login to your account. After this, you can directly upload your videos with a single click to any of these platforms.

Add Custom Music and Sound tracks

It is very important to add a suitable sound behind your video. You can’t engage the viewers if your video visuals and sound do not match with each other. This video editor has covered this problem by providing facility to add a custom audio track to your video.

You can choose any of the songs or sounds available on your device. Further, you can also use the already available sound tracks of Kinemaster by searching just according to the video visual effects.

Export Video Fast

After editing a video, it is important to export it and save it on your desired hard disk. In many situations, it has been seen that this process takes much time. Also, the exporting time will increase with the quality of the video in which you are going to download a video.

With Kinemaster diamond, you can export a video quickly regardless of the quality. It will enable you to download 4K, 30 FPS, and other quality videos within few seconds.

Built-in Camera

This version of Kinemaster also allows the user to capture images and videos directly with this tool. For this task, it has a built-in quality camera that will accomplish this task. With its high-quality camera, you can capture better pictures even more than the original camera of your mobile.

Stickers and Emojis

Kinemaster mod apk has another feature to make your videos appealing and attractive. For this task, also allows the editors to add stickers and emojis at their desired points. So, a person can easily use desired stickers to engage the audience or provide a call-to-action scene.


It is the perfect tool to work in this modern age of editing. Slow-motion videos have become common these days along with different effects on all of their parts. Kinemaster diamond is offering the best services in this regard and to keep the entire video perfect for all the visuals.

Combined Clip

Sometimes, you have captured short clips to keep them safely in your device. With Kinemaster diamond mod apk, you can easily combine all of them. With its combined clips feature, you will be able to merge various videos into a single video to make it attractive.

A lot of college students are using this video editor for this task while they have to make a unique video having all of their enjoyable moments.

Instant Preview

While editing a video, you should keep an eye on every change. It is because you might have to undo that step if it looks weird. For this task, Kinemaster diamond has an instant preview feature. It will enable you to analyze your videos after making a slight change in them.

In this way, you can edit a video properly without any fear of bad results.

Extra Features

Kinemaster diamond mod apk has many other features in addition to the above list. For instance, it has the simplest interface with which anyone can understand it. Even a layman can learn how this editor works and where his desired tool is placed.

Similarly, it allows the users to edit their videos or create a new one with simple clicks. In addition, you can adjust different factors like brightness and sharpness in the entire video. Also, you can add text to your desired section of the video.

You only have to learn its working using the upcoming points from the following page.

Requirements to download Kinemaster Diamond mod apk

Kinemaster diamond mod apk does not demand any specific requirements. But you have to focus on some factors like device performance. Keep in mind if your mobile does not support 4K videos, then the editor will never be able to open or play such videos.

So, you should try to download this best video editor on a high-quality and efficient mobile phone. Before downloading the Kinemaster diamond mod apk, you must look at the following stats. It will enable you to get an idea about this apk file and what you have to look at instantly on your mobile phone.

APK nameKinemaster Diamond
Free or PaidFree with unlocked features
Size of APK24 MB (Approx.)
Android Requirements4.1 or later

How to Install Kinemaster Diamond apk?

Once you have downloaded Kinemaster diamond on your mobile, you have to install it on your device. It will not be complicated to install the Kinemaster app download if you will follow these steps.

  • Firstly Open the downloaded file
  • Secondly Allow permission using the on-screen button
  • Thirdly You can also go to settings and enable permission of allowing installation from unknown sources
  • Wait until the installation will be completed
install kinemaster diamond mod apk

By using these steps, you can easily install the Kinemaster diamond application on your device. Keep in mind, never register your account or sign in to the application. It is because all the premium unlocked features will get locked again.

So, you have to buy the paid subscription of this tool to enjoy its working again.

How to Use Kinemaster Diamond?

Kinemaster Diamond has a simple interface where you can see all of its features clearly. Everything will be at a distance of single clicks when you have explored all of its features. For this task, you must learn how to use the Kinemaster diamond mod apk.

We recommend you watch the following video to learn about this tool precisely without any problem. It will take some time to learn but the entire process will be smooth when you have learned it properly.

Difference between Kinemaster PRO and Kinemaster Diamond Apk

There is no such a huge difference in any of these Kinemaster versions. You will only find a slight difference in their features. But it does not affect their work or integrity. You can choose Kinemaster pro mod apk or Kinemaster diamond mod apk just according to your requirements.

We recommend you to download the Kinemaster diamond mod apk as it is a more professional tool than the other one. It will allow you to use all the desired features like 3D editing, background changing, adjust the speed of the clip, and many others.

User Reviews

Robert John:

It is just amazing to use Kinemaster diamond in my device to enjoy working with all premium features. This tool has all its features already unlocked to get my dream videos. I am using this tool for editing videos for my customers. Thanks to this platform to offer this tool freely!

James Patricia:

Since long, I was trying to learn how to edit videos properly with mobile tools. But all my efforts went in vain. A few weeks ago, I downloaded this Kinemaster version on my mobile. Now, I know almost every feature of this tool and editing my videos to upload them to different places. It’s just amazing to use this platform!

Jennifer Mary:

In recent times, I used a lot of video editing tools to make my videos perfect. But many of those apk files are corrupted which leads my data into danger. Now, I am using this Kinemaster diamond tool by this software. It is a smoothly working tool that has not provided any threatening results. I will love to use other tools by this platform in my professional as well as personal life.


Can I remove the watermark in the free Kinemaster diamond apk?

No, you can’t remove the watermark in a free version of Kinemaster. You will get a logo of this editor in the upper right corner of your entire video. To remove it, you have to purchase its subscription.

Are apple devices support Kinemaster diamond?

Kinemaster diamond is not supported by IOS devices yet. Apple users may have to wait for a while to enjoy this video editing software on their devices.

Will it enable me to get YouTube frames directly?

Yes, there are multiple frames available for different platforms. You can choose any of them just according to your requirements.


Kinemaster diamond is the best choice to edit videos properly and experience better outcomes. It is better to get the Kinemaster diamond mod apk from the above section and install it properly. After this, you will be able to enjoy its smooth working and complete your work within few minutes.

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