Kinemaster Pro Mod Apk (v5.0.8) [Premium Unlocked, No Watermark]

Today, the world is growing much faster in the field of video advertisement at different platforms like YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, and many others. In this huge competition in this field, you must choose reliable software to edit videos. Kinemaster pro mod apk is the best editors to use for different purposes for free.

kinemaster pro mod apk

With this application, you can edit your videos professionally or create a brand new video using multiple images. It is a comprehensive software where you will find almost every feature that you must look at in an editing application. In short, it will be the best choice for you to download the Kinemaster pro mod apk on your device.

Before downloading the Kinemaster pro apk for free, you must know about it in-depth. For this, you should read this guide as it has all the necessary information for you. It will be amazing for you to analyze this article and get to know what you will get in Kinemaster mod apk.

Let’s have a look at all those amazing features that you will enjoy in the Kinemaster pro apk download.

Features of Kinemaster pro

There is a huge list of features that you will get in the Kinemaster pro download. We have handpicked the most amazing features for you to get detailed information. In this section, you will get the list of features that we have found amazing in this tool.

Chroma Key

It has become common to get views from Instagram, TikTok, and other platforms where no copyright issues on any video. It simply means that you can share or post videos of any other person without any restrictions.

Due to this, many people want to copy other’s user’s videos and show them from their accounts. But you have to make a little change in your video to give a unique look at get more viewers. The best think you can do is to change the background to make your video perfect and unique.

To allow this change, Kinemaster pro apk unlocked is providing a specific feature termed Chroma key. With the Kinemaster chroma key, you can easily change the background of any video. You don’t have to browse any third-party or external background removal for this task.

Many famous movies have used this technology too by using different tools as per their requirements. But you will get this feature in the Kinemaster pro apk for free.


It is essential to choose some different steps while you are looking to make an attractive video for any task. Animation is the best way to engage the viewer even if you have little content to present.

You should have to use this feature especially when you are dealing with educational or business-related videos. Kinemaster pro video editor is offering many animation effects to use at different points while editing a video.

You can also download many other effects from the Kinemaster store without facing any problem. In this way, Kinemaster pro mod apk is the best tool to use for any task.


If you have been working in the photography or video editing field for a long, you must know how much important to create engaging videos. You won’t be able to appeal to the viewers and attract them to watch your content.

You should download Kinemaster pro premium to deal with such conditions as it is offering a Multi-layer feature. It means that you can add images, videos, and other media types in a single video using this feature.

Have you ever noticed what you like the most while watching a video? Obviously, the changes or transitions the editors have done while creating a video. With this tool, you can use the Kinemaster multi-layer feature to leave the same impact that you have experienced.

Live Preview

Many photographers know the importance of live preview while editing a video. With this feature, you will be able to watch your video again and again after even making a single change. In this way, you can undo the changes that you have just made in your video.

Kinemaster pro mod apk is offering this feature to enable the editors to get the best video at the end of the day. They will be able to implement the best effects in their videos and make them perfect.

The live preview feature by Kinemaster pro is one of the best while you have to do multiple changes in your video and analyze them separately.

Multi-Track editing

In any professional video editing software, the Multi-tracking feature is an essential one because of its importance. Sometimes, you have a mute video or want to get a new sound for your video. In such conditions, you must get professional audio tracking software that will enable you to get suitable audio.

Kinemaster full version apk is serving its users with multi-tracking features. With this, you can add multiple tracks (up to 8 tracks) while getting a specific sound for your video. In this way, you will become a music director and producer at the same time for your video.

Voice Recording

If you are an advertising field person, you must know what is the importance of the voice behind any video. It is because you won’t be able to communicate with your audience properly. An editor needs to add a voice-over behind his video to get perfect outcomes from his video.

For such tasks, the Kinemaster pro video editor has a voice recording feature. With this, you can easily record the voice for any video clip and add it to the background of the video. This feature allows the person to record a smooth voice without showing any interruption while talking.

You will get the clear voice of the person even without using any audio filters. Due to this feature, a lot of marketing persons are using this software widely.

No ads

In the free mode of Kinemaster, it is common to get ads and show diversion from your work. With Kinemaster mod apk download, all premium features and tools will be activated or unlocked to use freely. You will not get even a single ad throughout the editing process.

In this way, you can edit a video without any interruption and keep working for a longer time. No one will able to withdraw your attention from the subject that you are focusing on.

Why Kinemaster pro should be used?

Many people have this question in mind why they should pick Kinemaster pro apk when they have many other free editing tools. The reason is the availability of an extensive list of tools that you can use while editing a video or creating a new one.

In addition to the above-mentioned list, you will also get Kinemaster no watermark in your video. Almost every tool shows its logo in the video while you are editing with it. Kinemaster pro mod apk will never show Kinemaster watermark in your video.

Also, it will engage the viewers with your content instead of browsing your video editing tool.

In short, Kinemaster pro apk will allow you to use all professional features like add transitions, add background music, create videos with images, and many others.

Download Kinemaster pro apk

To enjoy all the features of this video editing tool, you must download Kinemaster pro apk for free on your device. But before doing this, you should check the requirements section of this tool to get a reliable version of this tool.

download kinemaster pro mod apk

Just have a look at these requirements of Kinemaster pro apk unlocked for reliable working.

App NameKinemaster Pro apk
Size90 MB (Approx.)
Owned byKinemaster Corporation
APK TypeKinemaster pro apk unlocked
Latest UpdateJune 2021
Android Required4.1 or up

What’s new in the 5.0 Version of Kinemaster mod apk?

In Kinemaster 5.0, you will get multiple new tools and features to make your videos more adorable. You should check the list properly to get enough knowledge about this update and changes.

Feature Updates:

  • Changes in export and import terms
  • Changeable files in your timeline
  • Availability of animated videos and different layers to implement
  • Downloadable premium assets of Kinemaster pro apk
  • Control over maximum features and tools available in its list
  • Feature to edit a video to make it perfect and extra slow-motion video
  • Different colors availability
  • Addition of tools to adjust various factors and effects

MOD Changes

  • Ads removal
  • All unlocked features
  • Without watermark downloadable videos
  • Access to Kinemaster store

How to install Kinemaster pro apk?

On-demand of many users, we are going to show you how to install the Kinemaster pro apk on your device. The reason why people are facing problems is that it is directly downloaded from Google instead of the Play store.

install kinemaster pro mod apk

Here are those steps that you must have to follow while looking to install Kinemaster full version apk.

  • First of all, you must enable installation from other sources by changing the settings of your device. Just go to settings and search for allow installation. You only have to enable the option to allow installation from “Unknown sources”
  • If you can’t find an option, just open the downloaded Kinemaster pro apk file. It will automatically open a warning box through which you can access the settings directly. Just enable or allow installation to start the process.
  • Once you have enabled this installation, you have to come back to start the installation.
  • Wait for a while to accomplish this process
  • Close the tab when it is showing installation is completed
  • Open the application and give it few minutes to settle down all of its features
  • Congratulations! You have installed the Kinemaster Pro app on your device with all unlocked features

How to edit a video with Kinemaster pro mod apk?

Once you have installed the application, you must learn how to use this software. You should learn properly how you can edit a video by using maximum features to make it attractive. It is better to watch the person get a better experience and understanding as compared to reading a blog.

We have watched multiple videos available on YouTube to learn Kinemaster premium unlocked. Here is the best of all videos that you must watch to learn deeply how you have to utilize every feature of this tool.

Additional features in Kinemaster pro apk

With the pro version of the Kinemaster mod apk, you will get some extra features as compared to the free version. Here is the shortlist of those features that you will get with this installation.

  • Watermark removal
  • A comprehensive package of premium features
  • Exportation of video in all formats like 720p, 480p, and others
  • An extensive list of filters and backgrounds
  • Chroma key feature
  • Fast working without ads

Download Kinemaster pro mod apk for PC

Many people love to edit videos and make them perfect on a large screen. If you are also a lover of the bigger screen and looking to download the Kinemaster pro apk for PC, you can do this with simple steps.

Normally, you only have to follow the above procedure to complete this task. But you may have to get some specific tool in some conditions to run this android application on your PC.

User reviews

Joseph Henry:

I was fed up with ordinary video editing tools available on different platforms. Thanks to this platform for giving access to Kinemaster pro apk. Now, I can edit my videos professionally to put them on my YouTube Vlog section.

Kevin Smith:

It is amazing to find such a reliable platform to download apk applications. This is the second time I am using this platform because of access to all of their promised features. I have got my application with its entire premium features unlocked. Thank you!

Jennifer Elise:

Happy Sunday! It is really a wonderful experience with this platform. All of the Kinemaster pro apk features are unlocked and enable me to use this tool to edit my videos according to my imaginations. Thank you for uploading this apk file!


Is it process to download Kinemaster pro on PC is different from android?

There is a slight difference in this process that is not a big deal. You only have to follow on-screen instructions to install the Kinemaster pro apk on PC.

Will all of its features free?

Yes, we are providing Kinemaster pro apk with all of its free of any cost. You can download it and enjoy all the premium features without facing any issues.

Is there any previous version of Kinemaster?

Yes, there are multiple versions available of this software on the internet. If your device does not support Kinemaster 5.0 version, you can explore that list and get the best one.

Is it safe to download apk file without scanning?

You can say that it is safe but sometimes you have to do a proper scan while downloading an apk file. The reason is that you might get some corrupted files that may be harmful to your device.

Wrapping Up

We have written this blog after complete research about this topic. Our researchers have done practical of every feature that we have discussed above. So, you don’t have to worry about the validity of any of these features and processes.

You can download Kinemaster pro mod apk from our platform to enjoy smooth editing.