Kinemaster Mod Apk (v.5.0.8) [Download 2022 Full Version No Watermark]

In this time of technology, we are rapidly shifting towards digitalization in our lives. Kinemaster mod apk allows you to cover different sections while editing videos for various purposes. It is the most used application for editing videos for social, personal, and professional use.

Kinemaster Mod apk

You should get this application for your use without considering the dimensions of the task. The reason for this recommendation is the availability of a huge list of tools to add different filters and sections. We are going to give you access Kinemaster pro mod apk for free.

Before that, let’s get a look at the amazing features that you will get for editing video on your handy device.

Features of Kinemaster

Kinemaster has a lot of features that are unavailable in other applications of the same category. Almost every tool is available to deal with different kinds of editing videos. If you don’t want to use the software on your laptop with a complex interface, then you must choose this application.

Here we have listed some amazing features of this tool that you must read before downloading the Kinemaster mod apk.

Animation Effects

No matter whether you are editing a video for a professional purpose or to add it to social media, you have to get a final video with outstanding results. It is better to add animation effects in your video with which will capture the attention of the audience.

Kinemaster full version apk will allow you to add animation in different sections of your video. You do not have to download animation effects on your device to add them. But this application has its library from where you can pick any animated effect and add it to your video.

Multi-Layer video editing

You will rarely find multi-layer functions in a video editing tool. Most of the tools allow a single layer editing which means that you can get variations in your video while editing. With the Kinemaster app for android, you will be able to enjoy a multi-layer video editing function.

It means that you can add images, sound, GIFs, animations, and other media types in a single video. With this, you can edit videos as per requirements and make an awesome final video to use anywhere. Due to this feature, it has been used by many YouTubers, Influencers, and other people professionally.

Instant Preview

While you are editing a video, Kinemaster’s latest version premium apk will enable you to get an instant preview. You can look at the video after adding even a single effect. So, you will get a better view of your work as compared to preview it after completing the editing.

You can remove the effects quickly that you have used and move towards the best one. In other editing tools, you will be prohibited from this feature. Therefore, you have to edit a video completely and then get a preview of it.

The later editing process will be difficult because you will not get any live preview of your work.

Voice Recording and replacement

Many YouTube influencers or marketing persons need a recorder to add their voice along with video recording. Also, you may need to add a voice-over behind any video to make it perfect according to conditions.

In both cases, you must have a voice recording tool to add or replace while editing videos. Kinemaster app for android will allow you directly record audio and add it to any video. Also, you can get a voice note from your device and add it at the appropriate point of your video.

Multi-format availability

It is not compulsory that you have to upload a singular format video on all the platforms. For example, you may have to add videos on Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, and Tiktok with different quality or formats.

In such a case, you should get the Kinemaster mod apk because this application will enable you to download a video in any format. So, you don’t have to look for a converter to increase or decrease the quality of any video.

Additional Feature

Kinemaster has many additional features to make it suitable for every editor. It has a brightness and saturation feature with which you can change the preview of the video. By adjusting brightness and colors for different sections, your video will get a perfect look for viewers.

In addition to this, Kinemaster also provides controlled effects by adjusting brightness. It means that you can edit or decorate videos captured at the night and use them at any place to share your views. Many people having concern with fields like art and design use this software because it enables them to embellish their videos properly with different frames and features.

In short, it has multiple advanced features that make it perfect to use for editing videos and publishing them instantly.

Easy to use

This video editing software has no complex interface. You will find this software much simpler and easy to use. The reason is that you don’t have to follow various steps for accessing a single feature. All the features are shown on the home screen due to which it will be easy to access them. If you don’t find a tool for editing a video, you can search it using the given option.

Every feature has sub-sections with which you can do deep editing of a clip and make it admiring quickly with few steps.

Why Choose Kinemaster mod apk?

Many editors ask this question why they have to pick this tool while they have many other choices. The main reason is that it has maximum features to cover almost every section of your editing task. In addition to the already discussed properties, you will find this tool perfect for 4K editing of any


Also, it will enable you to cut or trim any video to get a specific part to add it any other video. With this, you can design a unique video to cover your workspace. In short, this tool has the perfect interface and features to edit a video for any purpose and use.

Download Kinemaster mod apk

App NameKinemaster MOD Apk
RequirementsAndroid 5.0 or Latest
MODPremium Unlocked
DeveloperKinemaster Corporation
Size102 MB (Approx.)

From our platform, you can get Kinemaster full unlocked apk and download it to your device. The only thing you have to analyze is that your device must have an android version as per your requirements. Otherwise, you may face speed problems while editing videos with Kinemaster.

How to install Kinemaster mod apk?

How to install Kinemaster mod apk
  • The process to download and install the Kinemaster mod apk is simple and can be understood by almost every person. Here we are going to show you the process step by step. So, you should read them and understand them before starting the process.
  • Download kinemaster mod apk by following the above link properly. Keep in mind to check system requirements if any before installing it.
  • You should right-click on the downloaded file that will open a dialogue box to start the installation.
  • A notification will pop up on your device’s screen and notify you that you are installing the application from unknown sources. You have to tap settings and allow it by turning on the toddle available.
  • Now, you have to click on the “Install” button to start the process. The process will start and take a while to finish the installation. Once you have done this, simply go back and start using the application to edit your videos.

How to edit videos with Kinemaster?

The process to edit videos with Kinemaster is not complicated as everything will be visual and shown on your screen. You only have to choose the video by using the right section of your device screen. Once you have uploaded a video, you can choose any filter or feature that you want to implement on your video.

The process will become easy when you have used this tool for few days. Let us show you the right method to use this editor properly by utilizing maximum features step by step.

  • Firstly Open Kinemaster app for android

After opening this best video editing app, you will get few sections. In the upper section, you will get the “Create New” and “Get Projects” options. By clicking on the first option, you will be able to enter the tool and choose already captured video from your device.

Meanwhile, the second option will open a new window with a long menu bar. From here, you can download any project or frame in which you can edit your video. You can also use that frame to add it to your video after customization.

In this section, you will get Text, Retro, Minimal, Music Video, Intro, and many other field-related projects. So, if you don’t have any video on your device for your task, you can also explore this section.

Similarly, you will find all your edited videos on the home page under the above options. This section will have no file or video if you have just signed up for this tool. Along with these features, you can also check the Kinemaster Asset store from the home screen to access many premium or free frames.

  • Kinemaster frame selection

No matter what you have done using the previous step, you have to click on the “Create New” button now. It will open a window with the Kinemaster frame ratio. You should have to choose any of those frames to start editing the video.

It may vary with the resolution of the frame that you are using for your video. A video frame of Kinemaster original is an important factor that you have to choose properly.

For instance, you can’t use Instagram resolution video on YouTube and vice versa. Therefore, you should have to do proper research about the platform before selecting this feature. From the last section, you can adjust the time for every picture that you are going to add.

You can only add general time for every picture image that you may change if needed in the upcoming steps. Click on the “Next” button to enter the tool and start editing your video or creating a new project.

  • Import video or images

After following the above two general steps, you have to do this last general step that you have to do for every video. You should import video or all images from your android storage or SD card.

You can easily do this task by clicking on any image or video that you are seeing on the screen. If you don’t find your required video, you can also open it by following its actual path and browsing folders.

This is where all three general steps end up and the process of editing starts to make a video attractive as per your task requirements.

We are going to show maximum features and their usage in this section briefly.

  • Clip Graphics

Once you have added the video or all your images to make a video, you have to click on the video bar that is available at the bottom. Kinemaster border color will indicate whether you have selected that video or not.

After clicking on it, you will get multiple options including Clip Graphics. Under this category, you will find many other sub-categories. All of these have various graphic effects to add to your video to give an attractive look to your video.

You can click any of them and browse an effective graphic just according to your project’s requirements. Using this option will add a special effect to your entire video not only to specific parts. If you want to add it to a particular part of the video, you only have to select that part at the start of editing.

  • Speed of video

Speed of clips or video is the core factor to give a video a perfect look. The smoothly playing videos will get more attention than any other video. So, you should adjust the speed of the clip while editing a video properly.

If you are making a video with images, you should adjust the speed or time for every image. It will make your video smooth and appealing for everyone. From here, you can also mute the audio of the entire clip.

  • Rotate or Mirroring

Sometimes, you have to change the layout of your video as you think it would be better if it was shot with that angle. For instance, you have captured a video or image by keeping your mobile in the vertical direction.

But you think it would be great in the video if it was captured horizontally. Almost every photographer has experienced such conditions. Therefore, you can use Rotate/Mirroring feature of Kinemaster to flip or rotate your image or video.

It will help you to do this task by keeping the original quality preserve. Under the speed adjustment feature, you will get this option from which you can access further 4 sections to edit your video.

  • Color Filter

A video will not look better if you have used fade or inappropriate colors. In such a case, you should get a filter from the Kinemaster Android app and change the color of any image. With this feature, you can choose any color filter just according to its nature.

Here you will find Basic, cold, low saturation, Mono, Vivid, and warm color filters. It will change the entire look of any image and make it perfect for your video to insert at any point. You can also use one filter for all the images with just a single click that is available at the end of the Color filter section.

  • Different Adjustments

An editor knows that it is important to adjust brightness, contrast colors, saturation, temperature effects, and many others while editing a video. If you have not done this properly, your video will look bad or sometimes worst.

Using the adjustment section, you can use the Kinemaster mod apk to do multiple adjustments just according to your requirements. It is easy because you only have to scroll the line that is available for every task.

  • Voice Changer

It is one of the most amazing features that you will find in this best video editing application. There is almost no free tool having this feature other than Kinemaster. Everyone knows that voice plays an important role while the video is playing on the screen.

You may have to change the voice sharpness and effects to make it appropriate for a video. With the voice changer feature, you can change the entire voice of any video. Sometimes, a video has a light voice while sometimes it will be good if it has a hard voice.

It depends on the video requirements which voice you have to pick for it. So, you can change the pitch of any voice by selecting Two-faced, Confusion, Monster, Bad guy, Kid, Man, or any other option under the voice changer section.

  • Extract Audio

To make a new video using various short clips, you may need to remove a voice and add your desired one. Kinemaster allows you to extract audio from any video and save it in the studio for later use.

Also, you can use the “Mute Audio” option and save the final video. Whether you have done the first step or the second one, it will give you a perfect way to add another audio in your video clip.

To add your desired video, you will find an option named “Audio” just on the right side of the Layer option above the video.

  • Trim or split a video

This feature from Kinemaster will allow you to shorten any video clip. It will make sure that you can adjust length of your video without facing any hurdles. Just click on the video and use the Kinemaster border to adjust the length by scrolling on it.

You can trim or split a video from the start or end section easily with a single tap on your screen. It has become an essential feature for editors who need a video to publish on platforms where the length of a video is limited.

  • Layer

To add different sections to your video, you can also use the Layer feature. It will allow you to add media, effects, text, and handwritten impacts. Just click on the Layer option available just along with the preview of your video and you will get all these features as a sub-section.

You can click on any of these and choose your desired media for exact outcomes.

  • Recording Audio

If you are a voice-over artist, you must have to add voice behind a video. For this task, you can use the “Record Audio” option that will open a recording window. You can record a video and add it just according to your requirements.

Due to this feature, many small advertisement providers are using Kinemaster for small-level projects.

  • Full-screen display

It is better to check and preview your edited video on full screen before downloading. In the Kinemaster app, you will find some options in the left sidebar. Using the fourth section, you can change the layout of the video and get a preview of the video on the full screen of your device.

  • Easy Extraction/Saving

Once you have edited your video as per your requirements and made changes, you can easily download the file. From the above section, you will get an extraction button to save the video. By clicking on it, you will get a new screen with some extra features.

You can choose the resolution of any image along with the frame ratio. From this, you can get full HD video to use for any purpose. In the last, you will be able to check what will be the size of your video.

Kinemaster mod apk versions

Kinemaster mod apk is not only for a single version available to edit videos. But you can use multiple versions of this software and give your task a touch of professional view. Let’s have a look at some famous and amazing Kinemaster old versions.

Kinemaster Diamond mod apk

If you are a YouTuber and want to edit videos for your channel with maximum features, then you should get Kinemaster Diamond Mod apk. We are recommending this because it has all the essential features and tools to edit your videos.

You can give your video a new look as compared to the original one. Among all android photo/video editing apps, it is the best and easiest to use. You don’t have to look for tutorials while learning it because everything will be in front of you on your screen.

You can easily understand its interface and start editing your video for any purpose. Along with this, it is a lightweight application that does not require any updated or latest system to work. So, you can use this software on all of your android devices.

Kinemaster Gold pro apk

Some versions of Kinemaster were launched only for paid members. Kinemaster Gold was one of those professional editors that were launched only for paid users. From our platform, you can access Kinemaster gold pro apk freely with all unlocked features.

It has slightly different features than all other Kinemaster mod apk versions. Because of its paid nature, a lot of professional tools were given easy access. So, you can use this editor for editing videos professionally but at a small level.

It will make your projects admiring and appealing for you. With all the fantastic and professional tools, it is only a 25 MB file that you can download on any android device having Android 4.1 or up.

Kinemaster Pro Mod apk

Sometimes, you have to make a video or edit it properly for any professional purpose. In the free version of Kinemaster, you will get a watermark throughout the video. It is not a good impact when you have to deal with someone professionally.

Kinemaster pro mod apk will allow you to deal with such problems. With this premium version, you can remove the watermark and make your video smooth. Also, it will enable you to use all the available features without any restriction like the unavailability of few tools.

So, you should download the Kinemaster pro mod apk on your device and edit your videos effectively.

Along with the above-mentioned Kinemaster versions, you can also download many other versions given in the following list.

  • Kinemaster lite mod apk
  • Black Kinemaster pro mod apk
  • Blue Kinemaster pro mod apk
  • Kinemaster prime mod apk

Kinemaster mod apk for PC

Some people want to edit their videos with Kinemaster or create a new one on the bigger screen. Do you have the same desires while working in this field? You can download Kinemaster for your PC from this platform without facing any problems.

The only thing you have to do is to get an Emulator to run Android applications on your device. It is the specific software that allows you to use cross-version applications that are limited for this use. By doing this, you can create any video for your professional as well as any other purpose.

User Reviews

Aiden Adkins

I am using this application after downloading the apk file from the above-given link. It is the perfect application to use with such a fantastic feature in the premium version. It is a wonderful experience for me to use all the available features of the premium version without any cost. Thanks to the team of Kinemaster and this application to assist editors like me.

Vivian Mejia

The application is really nice and easy to use. I have used multiple applications to edit and upload on my Instagram account. But I found this application best of all regarding performance, interface, features, and speed. Thanks to the team for the Kinemaster mod apk for free.


How to download Kinemaster hack mode?

The process is simple because we have described the complete method with Kinemaster cracked apk in the above section. Just download and enjoy it safely for editing videos.

Is it professional software?

Kinemaster is basically a mobile application to edit videos. With timely updates, the designers have added all the professional features to this application. So, we can say that it is a professional application when you have to edit on a basic level.

How to use trim or cut feature?

On the right side of the Kinemaster home screen, you will get an option to access more features. By selecting the video part you want to cut, click on that section. You will get the option to reduce the video length and get the desired patch of that particular video.

Wrapping Up

Kinemaster mod apk is the best way to edit videos, add filters and effects. You should follow the proper method to download kinemaster hacked apk and start editing your videos. It will be pretty simple for you when you are doing this step by step.

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